Thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. I have so much more confidence in my own abilities and feel armed with an arsenal of skills that heretofore I had not even begun to imagine existed. Yup, I used heretofore – hence why you love me 😛 I now feel like I know how to “do my own voice,” because before I started studying with you, I felt like I was, in many ways, just copying other people’s voices, but
now, I know how to “Do MY VOICE” and what that voice sounds like. So thank you Nancy for helping me find “my voice.”
-Jenn Wong (Arlene Thornton & Assoc.)

Only several sessions into working with Nancy in preparation for my new demo and amazing things are happening. Immediately, Nancy saw that I’ve been perfecting an archetype, not developing my brand.
Okay, so that’s a-changing! Her material is super and we are on a roll.
I can’t say enough about the impact she is making on the way I approach material.
-Ellen Dostal (VOX)

I KNOW you for one ain’t a word-mincing kinda minx, and I’ve always held mad respect for your brazen, unapologetic persona. Thanks for keeping it real.
— Mara Junot

Hey Nancy,
I landed the MSN campaign! I recorded 2 spots today and Wes is in negotiations for the rest of them. So I get to Pacific Ocean Post and the first one is okay, but then they hand me the :60. This time its the freakin’ Iliad. And of course, I have to read it in 12 seconds. I’m thinking, “How am I going to get through this?” Then I remembered that talking with your hands thing you taught me. IT SAVED MY LIFE!!! It was like a miracle!! In short, thank you thank you thank you!! Coaching with you has made such a difference already and I know it had a direct effect on me keeping the campaign.
-C.C. Boyce (VOX)

VO going very well for me these days; 2 years now – Voice of Audi, Callaway Golf, SRP Energy Co. of Arizona, A& E Making of Hollywoodland, just to name the highlights. Thank you again for all your incredible tips, insights, and guidance. In just about every session, a client, director, or writer will ask for something and I’ll know exactly what they’re after cause Nancy taught me how to interpret and respond.
Thanks again and warmest regards,
-Jeff Le Beau (DPN)

Wow! I sent out the demo you produced. An agent had me in to audition for a national commercial, strictly on the basis of your demo. No interview, just straight into the recording booth. Just a few weeks after being picked up by that agent, an ad agency heard my demo and booked me on an AFTRA commercial – no audition required. Now I’ve been Taft/Hartleyed by AFTRA. Unbelievable. And to think that everyone kept telling me how hard it is to break into Voice Over! Thanks for “getting” me, helping me to get out there, and getting me started. You’re priceless.
-Brian Beljanski (Cassell-Levy Inc.)

Nancy, You really have a unique ability to critique while building up one’s confidence. That is a tremendously positive aptitude. Keep that Braintracksaudio party train rolling!
-Paul Fanning

Also meant to tell you how much I got from your very succinct, informative, and incredibly helpful Braintracks Philosophical/Instructional pamphlet you gave to me. Quite a textbook (in the right way) of the task(s) that are placed before the voice/over actor to work on. Also your delivery, as in the way you presented your advice was most ‘up’ and spiriting. Quite a valuable booklet. I will keep it close by.
-Michael Cooke

Everyone I’ve ever studied with has told me to go listen to commercials, and I never understood what I was supposed to be hearing in them when I did that. But now that I’ve learned your techniques, it ‘s the first time I am actually able to hear and understand what is going on inside the reads.

Not just blowing smoke. I feel that one of the smartest things I’ve done in Show Biz is get coached by you.
-Steve G.

I had another great audition this morning and wanted to thank you for being such a great coach. Your lessons have stuck with me and leap into my brain whenever I’m in the clinch. It’s so much fun to leave the audition elated by delivering the goods, so to speak. I wouldn’t be here without you.
-Lisa Medwid

Okay, you can be proud of me…but only if you heap on a bunch of proudness for yourself. Without you, none of this would’ve happened. Y’hear? NONE.
-Bruce Barker (Imperium Seven)

Nothing has made me stronger than working with you! Nothing has made me sharper and more focused… For this, as well as for everything, Thank you so much!
-Kimberly Kramer (Big Fish Voice Co.)

Nancy was terrific. Already, I can see an improvement in my way of thinking and approaching the copy and spot. Nancy does an excellent job of cutting to the heart of the piece and is aiding me in re-framing my mind to help use my voice more effectively and appropriately. The suggestion to work with her was spot on.

I’m excited for our next session next week.
-Jonathan Levit (VOX)

Your incredible gift for teaching and producing and your unbelievably comprehensive curriculum is sending me out into the world of commercial VO work fully loaded with confidence, technique, and inspiration. Thank you for this and for a sublime VO demo…thank you for you!”
-Maia Guest

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for us to be working together! I loved yesterday’s class and found your approach totally different (in a very positive way) to any I had experienced before. I felt as though I ingested more useful information yesterday than I had in all my previous classes put together.
Thanks again,
-Emma Brovsky (Daniel Hoff Agency)

Thank you for your incredible coaching and for the great demo. You are an amazing teacher with an uncommon sensitivity for words. Your continuous encouragement has been priceless. I love the energy and passion you put in every class. It’s been a pleasure to have met you and to have worked with you.
-Adriana Moure (Independent Artists Agency)

I am damn excited about this whole thing. You’ve been really amazing through this whole process and I wanted to thank you for that. From day one, you’ve been a great teacher — encouraging, knowledgeable, insightful and funny.

I actually feel like I know what the hell I’m doing.

Which is huge compliment to you as I started out knowing pretty much squat.
-Jon Brockett


-Pepe Serna (VOX)

I must say how very unique you are to all of us aspiring to wrap our heads around this otherwise ephemeral vapor of what constitutes voice overs. Before you, it was like trying to pin down a cloud. You’re demystifying the fog. You’ve brought voice over instruction to its highest pitch.
-Bob Duncan

Thank you for your great smart self. Truly. You are a great director/producer and I am happy to have you here to help!!! It is a pleasure to work with you. I have/am learning so much. I am very happy to have my demo on your website – that is great, too.
-Wendel Josepher

I had a great time working with you. I felt like I learned a tremendous amount, and I would and will recommend you to anyone and everyone.
All the best,
-Molly Hagan (VOX)

Thanks for your continued help and counsel. For a person so young, you are wise beyond your years.
-Steve Warren

As a 20-year veteran of Voice Overs, I’ve been a bit skeptical of the value that a coach can offer an experienced talent. You have shown me how invaluable a coach can be to a Voice Over career. Thanks.
-Brian Talbot

I was reflecting about this year and my accomplishments. I was so thrilled that I finally got a voice over coach, and little did I know that it would be the great and wonderful you. I, too, feel so so very fortunate to have met you.

You have no idea how much you have added to my professional goals.
-Vanessa Bell Calloway (VOX)

Yes, Yes, I know you have a million emails to read, but I could not go another day without thanking you for your class today. It is so funny how it took me a very long time to fix the Voice Over training I had had before. With you after just one lesson, you have made me feel more empowered. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to feel the light bulb go on with a vengeance, when you gave me the concept of acting as “Tour Guide.” Thank you so very much for today. I will see you next week, so happy you decided to coach me Nancy.
Your friend and eager student,
-Terri Hardin Jackson

I have tears of joy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a more supportive coach – thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Edie Caggiano (Big Fish Voice Co.)

As you may have heard, there was a first-time Voice Over conference held in Las Vegas this past week. It was actually pretty good. There were about 300 people there of various talent levels (full time voice over, part-timers as well as newbies or people just curious about the business), and I anticipate it growing next year. …on the last day, they pulled voice over demos randomly so that the room could hear them and their professional panel critiqued them. My demo ended up getting pulled for public evaluation. Of the five panelist (which consisted of pretty seasoned Voice Over talent/producers and one Las Vegas agent), all five loved the demo and hardly had any critique on how it could have been changed. They loved the variety of styles as well as their positioning on the demo. For example, after my “attitude” duel read with the delivery guy spot, there is a short “Smores Pop Tarts” spot, then an “interrupt” of my abuse PSA. They believed that this “interrupt” re-engages the listener to continue listening to the piece to the end and shows that I can do a multitude of styles. They also liked the ups and downs of the spot placement. Out of the 8 demos we listened to, mine was in the top 3. Overall, it was a hit. As a result, the Las Vegas agent has asked me to submit my demo to her after April 20th (she is going out of town), and an AFTRA rep (one of the conference sponsors) that is in charge of the commercials and promos division asked me to send the demo to Don LaFontaine’s agent, per her recommendation (he was there on Thursday night). Many of the voice talent from around the country asked where I received my training, and I redirected them to your ad in the gift bags, so you may be getting some referrals.
Thanks for the fabulous training and branding 🙂
-Euvonka Warren

You pushed my brain today;  I’m so aware now of my propensity to say “I’m sorry” too often and the difference between my “realities” while acting. One thing is for sure, “I’m not sorry that you’re my coach.”
– Carol

When I walked into your office for the first time, you immediately challenged my life-long notion that I lack a brand or that my “normal speaking voice” is in any way unique.  I have always felt that in the absence of character voices to “hide” behind, I had little to offer casting directors than what they’d get from any other Joe walking through their door.  You said I immediately reminded you of John Malkovich.  Now my tendency would be to TRY to sound like Malkovich on this and any other – audition – thinking my old crutch would better serve me than “being myself.”  I guess I’ve never trusted the idea that, by being myself, I might have something unusual to offer. I cannot adequately express in words how much I appreciate what you’ve done in two sessions to re-ignite my creative fires.  Other than some announcing gigs I’d rather forget, ALL I’ve done for the past 30 years is character voices and impressions.  You’ve, for the most part, made me believe I’ve got a fighting chance at being a real Voice Over artist.  
And for that I am very, very grateful.
-Ron “Grasshopper” Russ

You saved my life again today. I recorded 2 spots, a :30 radio and a :60. The :60 was long, but I was unafraid. I gave them more variations than Elton John’s closet. I was doing [your] whole Counterpoint Chapter, so when they wanted another “give us something different” read, I had it all prepared. They were SO IMPRESSED.
Thank you so much!
-C.C. Boyce (VOX) 

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. A good pep talk is never wasted with me.
In the past, I have taken UCLA extension courses, VO workshops, acting classes, read books, and learned on the job – all of which were really good. But none of those, and I mean NONE, no matter how great – comes anywhere close to what your coursework and your personal expertise provide. You are in a class all your own, and it is a privilege to study with you. I look forward to more!
I can’t wait to hear the demo.
-Jeff Edelstein (VOX)
P.S. You’re right… In a world where 99% of communication is electronic emails & texts, getting a good ol’ handwritten card in the mailbox feels extra special.

Just had my first lesson with Nancy Wolfson, Braintracksaudio.com, and I’ve already learned more than I have from workshops I’ve taken this year, particularly some nasty performance habits I didn’t even know I had! Thanks Nancy.
-Michael Nguyen