Braintracks Audio casts new cartoons!

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Here’s how:Peruse the library of demos produced by Braintracks Audio. These are the Best of the Best who have been trained personally by Nancy Wolfson. Each is able to perform superior work on a level deemed professional in the most competitive markets in the world. Talent categories are sorted with some ear towards age and pitch characteristics, but the more information you can provide about what you are looking for (announcer? accent? character? point of view? attitude?), the more insight and ideas I can provide about other talent worth consideration.
Click on the names to review the talent’s demo.

Decide upon the names of the voice talent you feel might best suit your needs.

Email me through this link BTA Casting and provide the following introductory information:
— list your talent requests by name
— provide the name of your project
— tell me your name, the name of your company, and your telephone number
— detail the budget you have for talent payment
— let me know if this is a union or a non-union project
— describe the time frame we are working under re: audition date(s) & record date(s)

Given this, I can put you in touch with the people you want to audition and/or hire. If you need to hire me to run a casting session for you, please let me know and I can provide information about costs and scheduling.

Payment checks must be present at the session the day the talent records the project.


All your talent I hired were all really great at adapting and shifting on fly to the directions I gave them and having no inhibitions with some truly wacky lines. Eric had really good mic technique, which I really appreciate in an actor; I think its one of the most important things to know.
With the mic technique down, the work goes so much faster.
You and your roster are simply the best!!!
I’m very satisfied.
-Robert Throckmorton, Producer

You are exactly what we wanted.
-Ashley Postlewaite
Executive Producer, Renegade Animation

Nancy, We are very pleased with the “Nancy” voice talents we’ve added to our pool.
You are the best – as evidenced by the quality, professional talents you’ve coached and sent our way.
Thank you! All the best,
-Bob Cauley
Vice President – Voice
Muzak LLC

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