Due to the overbooked nature of Nancy’s schedule this year, all the Braintracks Group Classes are Intro Workshops held in various cities around the globe.

Check HERE for the latest news on dates and locations.

For the rest of you who want more than a lecture, if you are SUPER SERIOUS about seeing if VO is right for you and you WANT TO GET STARTED ALREADY with “on-microphone” training that is TAILORED to your abilities, skills, needs, and style, and if you want to turbo charge your drive towards a customized, branded demo, agency representation, castings, and moneymaking opportunities now, skip the group scene and book PRIVATES WITH NANCY.

 If you don’t live in L.A., Nancy coaches via PHONE sessions to any of you who can call in from any hamlet on the globe.  Click for more information on PHONE LESSONS.

And if you’re interested in obtaining recorded coursework lecture learning modules on MP3 or video, go HERE.

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