Interested in booking your 1st appointment to start learning top tier performance skills, have your current demo(s)/web site/branding reviewed by professional top market casting ears, get a fiercely competitive fresh new Voice Over demo, and build an income-generating VO career?

If you wish to pursue training viaread on:

After you have launched your private study with Nancy, she will determine you will benefit from doing a batch of your coursework lessons with our in-house acting specialist, JEFF FREEMAN. Jeff is the only other teacher of this Braintracks Audio coursework that Nancy has officially certified.

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Private appointments are $180 per fifty minute session. Coaching days are M-Tu-Wed-Thu and sometimes Saturdays. The Saturday slots tend to book up far in advance. If you live in LA and work a job during business hours that prevents you from coming here for lessons during business hours, consider studying via PHONERS on your lunch hour or at either end of the day.

To request a time slot, CLICK HERE to email Nancy.

As we are in back-to-back appointments all day in the recording studio, all communications, scheduling, & cancellation/clerical requests must happen via Email.

With PHONERS, the student simply phones in at the time slot we have pre-scheduled, and the 50-minute consultation/lesson happens over the phone. There is a microphone in your telephone. It works well.

BIG CAVEAT: Phoner lessons require you to call for your lesson from a

You should not put me on a speaker phone during the call.
There are a rare few places that no longer install new true, grounded land line phone service. That limitation might present a problem to you someday as a pro VO talent if/as you need to offer direct ISDN services from home (yes, some technologies can bridge to ISDN, but I still see auditions that I send to students that say, “No Source Connect, no iPDTL, true ISDN line required”), but we can deal with that later.

If you CAN get a true land line, GET ONE. But…

UPDATE: Skype has vastly upgraded the connection quality of their pipeline.

If you cannot access a land line and if you have either a YETI, SNOWBALL, or RODE Podcaster mic plugged into the USB port of a computer (no calls from cell phones as you want me to be able to hear you without frustrating drop outs or tin-ny, distorted misrepresentations of your sound),


Make sure you have the most robust internet connection your internet provider offers.
Close all other open windows in your browser.

With a USB microphone plugged into your computer,
you may call into my land line from SKYPE for a phoner!

Need that kind of microphone?  Click to purchase:
Rode Podcaster

(If you don’t have true land line but actually CAN get it, GET IT.)

(I will provide you that telephone # in the Confirmation Sheet you will receive when we lock in your first appointment.)

Studying via phone is not a compromised means of learning – it is not less desirable than in-person training.
Some of my best students who have proven to have created the best financial results for themselves with the training and demo they got from me studied with me ONLY over the phone – most are folks I’ve never met in person!

The people/producers/agents/casting folks who will be judging your work in the future typically will not be SEEING you; they will only be judging what they hear, so sometimes I’ve found that phone training is the purest approximation of the manner and means by which your real audition situations will be judged.

When it comes time to record your demo, you may come to L.A. to record it in person, but you definitely do not need to come here to record in person. In fact, it is often best, on “game day,” that we keep the dynamic via which we have communicated the same as it will have been throughout your course of study (sight unseen, 100% verbal, not me waving hands like a maniac through the glass.) Selfishly, I would like to say you should come here because I love to meet you guys, but truly, I direct demos regularly for folks from the studio here linking to a studio in your town via Source Connect, and it works out just great.
Save the money on airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc and put it towards a new web site, memberships to on line casting services, and a host of other products and services you will need in the next stage of taking your product to market.

Want a guaranteed date/time slot every week that is reserved just for you? Click here for info.


What you are about to read will explain a ton, save us time and will include some free advice.

I don’t want to overwhelm you or suggest you to sign up for anything more than just your 1st appointment. We book these only one lesson at a time. What follows will give you a sense of what the process is should we elect to go the distance together with me (or Jeff) as your Personal Coach, and probable Inside Access Point Person to a TON of new Voice Over Casting.

I work with scores of working pros, beginners, and everyone in between with refining their VO skills and ascertaining personal branding. I’m the only former agent teaching this material; this course of study offers uniquely tailored advice on the particular likes and dislikes, needs and tools required by the very folks you’re soon to be pursuing for job access (agents in “regional” markets, major cosmopolitan hubs, on line casting, international casting sources, casting through me, etc.)

The days of needing to have a particular vocal pitch or tone (deep/raspy/sexy/ bold/sunny) are gone because buyers are seeking any and every kind of sound that can connect with a variety of consumers. Armed with the necessary acting and voice skills, a killer marketing tool called a Voice Over Demo and the secrets of where to look for casting opportunities, one can make money at this with or without formal talent agency representation. Making money in this area of performance is more determined by one’s ability to interpret copy and smartly pursue opportunities on line than by the genetic sound of the voice.

Turning a genetic gift and/or performance skills into cash is all about learning how to think like copywriters and buyers are thinking, breaking down advertising strategy, and ultimately, with solid acting skills, becoming an Olympic Athlete of the Neck, providing auditions that show you can be of service to another company’s needs.

Voice Over is a fun, self-starter arena in which actors, singers, DJs, salespeople, and nearly any motivated person from any background could generate new income. The amount of money to be made varies according to a multitude of factors, though one thing is certain: this course of study will teach you a great deal about yourself, how you learn and what you broadcast to the world about yourself and your personal style.

If you do not have an acting background, DO NOT FRET. This stuff is TOTALLY TEACHABLE.

We teach the acting that is necessary to service advertising, help you folks recognize the patterns in which ad copy is written (kinda like the Stanley Kaplan approach to VO), and — perhaps most importantly — help you better understand how casting directors and agents and any other stranger immediately perceives your vibe.

By the way – this is not one of those VO classes that offers acting exercises to people who already know how to act.

Because I currently do a ton of casting with agents here and in other markets, because I used to be an agent and department head myself, I know and experience every day how much MORE there is to booking these auditions than just good solid acting.

I believe I am now one of the only coaches on the radar who can give my students access to current auditions even if they have not yet procured VO representation – this is pretty cool – very new – and loads of fun. I am positioned to put real auditions in front of people who have gone thru the full course of study with me into demo, which is great (more on that when we chat.)

These days, a VO talent MUST learn how to work their own HOME EQUIPMENT, how to direct themselves on auditions that explain how to access, how to market oneself via social media…all of that and so much more.

Once we are confident your audition skills are competitive and I have a very specific take on your brand, I will produce/direct a demo that reflects these skills & unique style ($1,900). I will also help you “brand” the graphic packaging/web design ($550-$2,500-ish, all of which goes to my graphics associate, Village Green Studios, not to me).

Nobody (not even I) can or should evaluate whether or not you are a “natural” until we find out how well you interpret copy and have at least a batch of lessons together. Even “naturals” have room to grow and people who do not necessarily have an instinct for this have proven themselves to be moneymakers in time. (You’d be surprised…)
An evaluation on your potential as a performer before we have had a solid chance to teach you the performance and business skills would be unfair to the process and unfair to you. It is silly to judge the state of skills you have not yet been taught here!

If it turns out to be harder than you had guessed (maybe it will, maybe it won’t), we can get performances where they need to be.

It would be irresponsible to guess in advance just how many privates it will take someone to learn the skills – my curriculum is 15 chapters long, so the average person needs about 15 privates before they are prepared to have me make them a demo.

OK, having said that, I just produced a demo for a woman recently who flew through my 15-week curriculum in just under 10 privates, so one never knows…that’s why I do not commit people to purchasing any given number of privates in advance.)

Required learning modules – videos & mp3s – will be assigned for you to purchase during the journey of your progression through the coursework. These help reduce the number of private lessons you will need, reducing your overall expenses and giving you a library of the lectures for future review.

You must trust that we will get you to your goals as expediently as possible. It serves us both to work hard and dutifully, yet we both must be patient with whatever pace your particular learning process requires.

After demo production, there is at least one necessary post-demo private wherein I advise you on how to proceed with submitting to agents, provide an inside list of agents to whom you ought to submit, tailor your letters to those agents, vet the list of which on line casting sites are best for you, discuss artwork branding, etc.

Beyond that, most folks come in quarterly to keep their chops up until/during/after work opportunities start to come around. As I mentioned, I become a bit of a career coach in this endeavor, so it is wise to check in every now and then for an update as the business changes constantly and I get new casting opportunities in now REGULARLY.

This audio portrait we paint of you is an important one, and it must be done properly so to last you for as long as a couple of years. You must have a finished presentation on yourself (that means artwork, website) in order to pursue representation properly and competitively, and if you are already repped by an agent and somehow got that representation without having presented them with a demo/web site, you will have to have one produced for you eventually. Everyone must have one – even celebrities – as the demo is a critical tool your opportunity providers and you will use, in addition to auditions, to procure work.

Your demo broadcasts to opportunity providers (agents and buyers) what is unique about your personal style beyond your pitch and natural dialect and how your Life Attitude angles your perspective in various circumstances and emotions.

I am typically booked up about 4 weeks in advance; emailing a request for a time slot well in advance is advised.

Once folks are prepaid for the lesson slot they are assigned, many cancellations crop up weekly that afford motivated, organized people to get in much earlier than we might anticipate!

So – now that you know how it works, CONTACT US HERE to get a time slot and we will get you started.


Regarding Nancy, when it comes to this business and craft of VO, she’s the truth. Period. Learn everything you can from her. My only -Billye Thompson (Big Fish Voice Co.)

Just had a session with Nancy. She is an effffffffffffffffffffffn GENIUS. We worked on [my session] copy. She is opening me up. Tons. Made me realize that I have never had a voice over lesson until now.
NYC Working-Pro Student’s email to her agent

Just got off from my session with Nancy.
I have been searching for someone like for her for years.
What a difference from many of the schleps on the East Coast.
She is FANTASTIC. Can’t thank you enough for putting me in contact with her.
Just what I needed. I’m going to study with her for a bit with the hopes of banging out some of my kinks. Thanks again.

I’ve been lucky enough to study with Nancy for the past year and in that time both my voiceover skills and my earnings have increased more than I could possibly have believed. I didn’t contact her as a green voice talent – I had almost 30 years of experience under my belt – but my god, she’s taught this old dog some lucrative new tricks!

The tuition she gives is precise, well thought out and fascinating and she won’t pull her punches in order to help you get to where you need to be. She’s also hilarious and bloody good fun to work with.

Basically, if you’re a voiceover then, no matter how much experience you have, you need to contact her. You might not THINK that you need to contact her… but you really, really do. Your clients and your bank balance will thank you for it.
Amelia Tyler

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