Nancy Wolfson has schlepped from hell to breakfast hosting amazingly well-received Group Intro Lectures & Classes to curious VO folk all over the US, Europe, Canada, Nashville, Las Vegas, Seattle, and New York City.

Braintracks Lectures and/or Braintracks Group Classes (if available in your area) are great ways to share the expense of getting hours and hours of broad introductory information about what this business involves and the very basics about performance. They are jam-packed with current tips you need to know about the industry, and they’re certainly lots of fun.

If you don’t see a posting on this page about a live Braintracks Lecture or Group Class that is upcoming in your area and you want a similar lecture from the comfort of your home or ipod, check out the downloadable MP3 lecture offerings at:
Braintracks Audio store.

For the rest of you who want more than a lecture, if you are 100% SERIOUS about seeing if VO is right for you and you WANT TO GET STARTED ALREADY with “on-microphone” training that is TAILORED to your abilities, skills, needs, and style, and if you want to turbo charge your drive towards a customized, branded demo, agency representation, castings, and money-making opportunities now, if you don’t live in L.A., Nancy coaches via PHONE sessions to folks calling in from any and every hamlet on the globe.
To apply for private coaching now, click: PRIVATE NON US PHONER LESSON WITH NANCY.

If you don’t live in L.A., Nancy coaches via PHONE sessions to any of you who can call in from any hamlet on the globe.  Click for more information on PHONE LESSONS.

If you are interested in trying to organize a Group Overview in your area
or would like to be notified if/when a Group Overview is scheduled for your area, CONTACT US HERE now with a request, indicating where you live and any other relevant info/requests.


Just wanted to share this…so, on Saturday I learn the F-bomb technique from Nancy Wolfson. Monday I decide to use it in an audition. This morning I book the job and this afternoon I just recorded it. Goes on air later this week. What was that about coaching that pays for itself?
-Dave Baird

What a great day!! What an amazing team. Nancy, your energy is astounding! And your talent… Incredible. I want a mini Nancy in my booth directing all my reads. So fab!! And thanks to Pete Gold too. Dream team. Xx
-Claire Wyatt

I learned more in that one workshop than I have in the 14+ years I’ve been doing voice-overs. I learned what it’s going to take to be the V.O. talent I imagine myself to be, and that’s huge. Nancy was exactly what I needed. I wish I had met her years ago. 
-Sandra, Nashville Group Workshop

After I did the workshop, I’ve had four bookings (Ritz Carlton, IBM, DHL, Diesel jeans) and your fingerprints were all over them.
-Craig Van Ness

Yesterday was a fantastic opportunity! Nancy Wolfson, top LA voiceover coach, revealed how to decode the secret formulae within commercial scripts and how to wow Casting Directors at the audition, so you book the job. Loved it. Pure gold. And what a wonderful talented bunch to learn with. Thank you all.
-Katie Flamman

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