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Your VO Business

Detailed 75 min. overview of today's Voiceover business is the definitive map of what tasks you need to tackle, why, and how to order your investments efficiently towards success.

Hear us review demos and web sites with
Top Market Agent ears and eyeballs.
Learn what is wrong with the marketing tools that make the Power Brokers wince.
Understand what qualities effective demos and artful sites have that hook the interest of Casting Agents and Producers.

It's a big earful of what you might not even know that you don't know ... yet.
(This blueprint covers information that would take $350 of private consult time to cover.)

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The full Your Voiceover Business teleseminar is a gem and a must-have for anyone approaching VO at this moment in history.  Just the hard fact up front that you should be prepared to invest $4,000 to $6,000 is sobering and puts it all into the right context.  Your timeline/flowchart is priceless and keeps a student on course.  Being told that "getting an agent" is not the be-all, end-all goal is enlightening.  
The whole concept of branding and how you casting people think was a real "a ha" for me as an actor.  Your Meryl Streep example is one I always quote -- she can DO or ACT anything, but you wouldn't just automatically CHOOSE her as "Little Miss Annoying" in the animated series you just cast; instead you'd cast the person who IS Little Miss Annoying in her sleep and not the person who CAN do it.
-Jen G.

The MP3 was terrific -- It cost [less than] a class I took regionally, but was MUCH more informative.
In my opinion, it should be a requirement for anyone beginning this road.
-Kim W.

When you talk about how you need to create a business plan and how you need to invest in your business to be able to reap the benefits of your business... that whole thing was really eye opening...
-Alicia K.

The first teleseminar I listened in on was the first time I realized how important branding and overall image are to a business such as voice over. You both critiqued my demo as well as a few others, and it really opened my eyes! That was the teleseminar that made me want to study with you, Nancy. I just had to learn more after that!
-Kevin E.

I just finished the "Your Voice Over Business" MP3 and loved it!  I learned so much (way more than a 6 week course I took in Chicago) and am thrilled to begin coursework with you.  I am looking for in-person coaching...  Please email me with the earliest times you have available and also include me on your cancellation list so we can get started asap. Thanks!
-Kim K.

I just wanted to let you know that I listened to the "bizplan" mp3 today. Great stuff! I'm beyond excited about getting into the session with you soon. By the way, I know it's your business, but THANK YOU so much for putting this kind of useful/helpful information out there for us starry-eyed VO folks to digest. It is so wonderful to get this from the point of view of the people that actually hire talent.
-Donovan C.

Really enjoyed the MP3 (Your Voice Over Business ) I learned more in two hours than I did in the past two years!
See you on Wednesday.
-Howard L.