Champion of talent for over 2 decades, NANCY WOLFSON is a private Voice Over Teacher, Media Coach and freelance Casting Liaison for Commercials, Animation, Gaming, Audio Books, Promos and Narration. She also writes, produces, and directs both audio and video-for-audio demos for Voice Over talent, and is recommended by top-market talent Agent colleagues worldwide as the premiere “Go To” person in advising beginning and expert talent on Personal Branding.

Her coursework has been accredited at the university level, and beginners, working pros, and celebrities have profited from her curriculum in private and group classes throughout America, the UK, Canada, and Europe.

Beyond training many Audible Hall of Famers and countless award-winning VO talents (SOVA, VOX UK, One Voice, Audie, Golden Pencil, Clio, etc.), she also casts loads of her graduates daily on jobs that help finance their journey.

Clients include the voice of Siri, a US Circuit Judge, a blood splatter analyst, BBC alums, two sex therapists, countless celebrities, Henson’s top Puppeteers, parents, pet trainers, and people just like you.

With over 25 yrs. experience at the top of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, Nancy has served as the head Agent of the Commercial Voice Over Department at ARL Talent Agency, a Talent Manager, and Producer of On Air Promotions (Playboy, FOX, WB/CW, ABC.) Recent freelance roles: Corporate Consultant for VH-1 & Nickelodeon, and Casting Advisor for Muzak and iHeart Media.

She is still the only pro VO coach whose full-time career focuses exclusively on advancing YOURS.



Talking to Nancy should be something you could claim on your mental health medical claim form.  She’s a quick and astute read of people and their personalities.  She cuts through the onion’s tough outer husk, and drills right down through every layer.
-Dave Courvoisier, Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Writer/Producer

I don’t think I could begin to mention all the people who have great things to say about you. It would probably take me a few days.

Nancy, you’re one of the biggest influences in Voice Overs and I don’t think you even know it. I do, because I think I have talked to nearly everyone…listened to everyone’s demo “Twice,” and I know your students without even looking. The level of professionalism and quality you teach is unsurpassed from here to Maine. You are the best in the Industry and I wouldn’t doubt it if there weren’t a better teacher in the world. And I’m not trying to kiss ass.

That’s why I was shocked to hear your voice; your level of experience is far too much to be so young.
You must have done it in a past life or something.
-Shane Cormier, Agent, Coast To Coast Talent Group

I am grateful not only for your Buchwald/Stars Agency hook ups,but also for the training and support.I never would have booked the Savon/Albertsons job without your support.

You’re more supportive than my nursing bra.
-Carmella Riley (DBA)

Mostly I am grateful to have you in my life. You are sweeter than apples and honey and all the Shanatovas in the world.
You are funnier and more neurotic than 3 Jerry Seinfelds and Elaines put together, but at least you have nothing of George Costanza -which is a true blessing. You are talented, smart and witty and the best damn ally one could hope for.
-Lili Wexu

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me this past year; you’ve gone beyond the call of duty and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude, not only for being a great teacher but as a challenging ass kicker and mentor of the highest quality. You’re a fine wine, Miss Wolfson, and I’m lucky to have you on my team.
-Will Greenberg (SBV)

Yesterday was great! You have a true gift. Normal people would not or could not imagine how words from a piece a of paper would sound. You know how they should sound & what person can say them. Can’t wait to see u again. To me, you are not just a voice coach, you are a life coach.
-Jamie Hagan

I definitely bring up your name often to actors and am proud to do so!YOU are actually the first person who gave me a shot!What a wonderful ride it has been for both of us, huh!!!?
-Wendy Braun (CESD – Mervyn’s, Dell, Carnation, KCET, Ellen DeGeneres Show anncr.)

What a huge help you’ve been in training, networking, and (temporarily) agent-ing me. Your time at ARL obviously helped you with the day in day out quotidian bullshit, but you also have an amazing actorly/directorly ear for the work itself. What’s more, you are also sympathetic to the lonely Account Exec’s plight of really just wanting to scream over the radio and TV, “OUR PRODUCT NAME, OUR PRODUCT NAME, PRICE POINT, OFFER, OFFER, OUR PRODUCT NAME.
It’s an amazing skill set, yours is.
-Marc Evan Jackson (DPN)

I thank God that our paths have crossed and that you would consider me with such regard. You are simply wonderful, Nancy, and I don’t know if you are aware of your impact on the lives of your students/friends. We are blessed to know you.
-Dez Coleman (Abrams Artists Agency)

What I really think is that if Nancy didn’t take a chance on me, I wouldn’t be doing something I love.
-Joe Montanari (Abrams Artists)

Aw Nance…
Jeez, I hate to think where I’d be without you.
Images of dumpsters and smelly clothes come to mind.
But again, thank you.  I owe you half my life.  The good half.
-Bruce Barker

I am so glad that Kyle Hebert told me about you.  You are changing my life.
-Susan  Huber

Nancy has given me the training and confidence to continue along the path of voice overs – she has made it clear that one should maximize one’s talent in whatever form in whatever way possible, even if one has to have a ‘day’ job to keep things afloat for a bit; I mean, what if the next big Actor or Actress decided to pass on making that audition because of a meeting they had to take in order to make their employer more money in the long run?
Bottom line, if you have an ounce of talent, use it, work at it and it will reward you ten times over.
-Kristina Anderson, Lucasfilm

Nancy easily holds her own in all classroom situations, has an intuitive ability to perceive and comprehend her surroundings, and is phenomenally successful at manipulating others.
She needs work on her hand-eye coordination, especially with the balls and bean-bags.
-Rhoda Resnick, (Kindergarten teacher) of Nancy at 4 yrs old

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