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Zeke Hardman

Zeke is a full-time voice actor and only the second person ever chosen to be mentored by Nancy to teach here. Growing up the son of two professors, Zeke was raised to be a lifelong student. He double-majored in Political Science and Spanish, earning his BA from Ohio University. He went from coaching youth soccer to teaching English in China to acting to teaching VoiceOver for Nancy at

Zeke learned Spanish, German, and Russian in college and mastered the language of Advertising from Nancy. Studying with Nancy was the first big step Zeke took in his voice acting journey. This allowed him to leave behind the world of sustainable Black Soldier Fly farming to focus on Voice Over.

He is now guiding other Braintracksaudio students through Nancy’s coursework to realize their own Voice Over dreams.

US Bank, Wisconsin EDC, and national campaigns for UBER.

"Salut, Nancy! I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you what a treasure Zeke is!!! You have found a real gem there. He is talented, skilled, articulate, thorough, and simply a delight to work with."

Bien à vous, Merlên

"I'm sure you hear amazing things from your Zeke students, but I cannot stress how influential he has been towards my progress. His ability to teach is amazing as well as his understanding of my personality and breaking down things in a way that I can understand. Zeke rocks."

Mike Daly

Linda Brennan, PhD

Dialect Coach

Linda Brennan, PhD, is on the faculty of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles, (Voice and Speech Department Chair), South Coast Repertory, and Theatricum Botanicum, where she teaches voice, speech and dialects, script analysis, and directs.

At the Academy, she has coached for over 250 productions, including Anna K, Arcadia, Dancing at Lughnasa, Kentucky Cycle,Major Barbara, A Midsum…mer Night’s Dream, The Three Sisters, and Top Girls.

Film and TV credits include American PieThe Scorpion King(Universal), SonnyThat’s Life (CBS), The Hughleys (UPN), For the People (Lifetime).

Besides extensive individual coaching, Linda has coached extensively in the theatre including Streetcar Named Desire (South Coast Rep)The Crimson Thread (Pasadena Playhouse)Arms and the Man (A Noise Within)Old Times (El Portal Center for the Arts) and The Nibroc Trilogy (Actor’s Co-Op).

Linda has an MFA in Acting from Brandeis University, an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, and a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her doctoral research addressed her combined passions for the performing arts and the healing arts and resulted in “Demon in the Wings: Stage Fright in the Actor,” one of the first pieces of research to address stage fright in this population.

She has presented at ATHE (The American Theatre in Higher Education) on various topics, including Take the Valley Out of the Girl! and is a voice and speech consultant for several voice over groups in Los Angeles. She has presented at The Performing Arts Medical AssociationHealthy Approaches for Performing Artists, and the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Linda is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association)PAMA (Performing Arts Medical Association), and SAG-AFTRA. Her article, “T’s and Sympathy: Adventures in the Hollywood Dialect’s Trade” appears in the VASTA Journal, “Essays on Voice and Speech.”

"OMGGGGG Linda was AMMMAZZZING!!!! Thank you so much, Nancy, I am pumped to have guidance and support from the two of you- true Masters!! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend.
Big Hugs."

Tracy Lee

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    Donna Grillo

    VO Casting Director

    As a freelance casting director, Donna has cast hundreds of shows at all of the major animation houses. Nickelodeon: Spongebob Squarepants, The Fairly Oddparents, Invader Zim. Cartoon Network: Dexters Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken. Disney Jr.: Miles From Tomorrowland (original pilot). Industrial projects include the U.S. Immigration Service, for whom she cast and directed an animated film in five different languages. She is currently directing Barbie: Dreamtopia for Mattel.

    "Some good news I wanted to share with you...

    I've been training Logan Marshall (Jennifer Marshall's kid - you set me up with him.) Recently, I was in contact with Nathan Higgins and told him what a raw and darling talent Logan was, and Nathan agreed to meet with him. Yesterday, Nathan brought Logan under Commercial Talent Agency for voiceover, commercials and he'll start training for theatrical!

    This was such a nice, uplifting surprise when I heard about it last night.

    Thought you'd like to know about Logan. He's an adorable 12 year old."

    Donna Grillo, Casting Director

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    Contact Casting Director Donna Grillo

      Rick Santizo

      Nancy’s 20+ year partner in demo production, Warner Bros. Engineer, Rick Santizo.

      Re-recording Mixer, Dialogue Editor, ADR Mixer, Sound Editor, Recordist with over 25 years of experience in the audio industry.

       His studio facility experience includes Technicolor, Deluxe, Warner Bros, Sony, Roundabout/South Lake Audio, Post Haste, Capitol Records, Oceanway Recording, and Santi Studios. Re-recording Mixer, Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor, Recordist, ADR Mixer, Language Dubbing.

      Lawrence T. Lewis


      When partnering with someone to produce your video voiceover demo, Nancy will connect you with an ACTUAL, current, Madison Avenue commercial/film/social media Producer.

      He is the real Producer you’ve been trying to reach behind the professional agency wall over on LinkedIn.

      Hire HIM to produce your visuals and customize it for social media, including 1:1 Square video options for Facebook and Instagram, as well as :06 second cut downs.

      “Just like we do in commercials all the time now.”

      Lawrence is a Commercial Producer in New York and Hollywood, he is keenly aware of the importance of video in advertising. Any freelance creative (Director, DP, Photographer, Voiceover Talent) who is marketing themselves needs to be including video in their online presence for a panoply of reasons, a primary one being the ability to buy advertising in video-only media like YouTube. VIDEO is the only way to get noticed in today’s visually-based marketplace, even if what’s being marketed is a performance ability in audio.

      Lawrence is currently working exclusively with Top Los Angeles Voice Over Coach, Nancy Wolfson, to create VOICEunder VIDEO DEMOS for her students. They use existing clips of produced commercials and content along with top of the line motion graphics that line up with the copy in your existing demos. They lay your audio demo UNDER this montage of visual elements to create a professional looking and sounding video advertisement for your Voice Over services.

      Lawrence will put his 20 years of film production expertise to work for you. He will collaborate with only the best Motion Graphics, Designers and FX folks in the business.

      Lawrence is a busy Commercial Producer, his time is at a premium and is often booked out working with the top Advertising Agencies and Commercial Directors of the world. He absolutely loves doing this creative for the Voiceover Industry, but due to time constraints, this service is offered by referral only.

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      Contact Producer Lawrence Lewis

        Jason Sikes

        Web & Digital Designer

        Jason Sikes is the owner of Village Green Studios. VGS has been the premier web designer for the Voice Over acting community, and providing web services for clients of Braintracks Audio since 2001.

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        Contact Web Designer Jason Sikes

          Bridget Brady

          Social Media Marketing Expert

          As a leader in the world of online marketing, Bridget Brady, and her team at Amp Up My Biz, is a full-service, soup-to-nuts, online and social media marketing solution.

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          Contact Social Media Expert Bridget Brady

            Timber Creative

            CRM Programs

            Experts in business systems for creatives and an authorized Zoho Partner, Timber Creative provides software, strategy and training for the voiceover professional. Alongside your work with Braintracks, Timber can supply you with customized software that includes everything you need to run an organized, proactive and well-supported career. Our goal is to provide practically everything you need for business tools outside of recording gear and recording software for one fee. e.g. CRM, file delivery, bookkeeping/accounting software, email app/hosting, project management, booking calendar and much more.

            (Owner/CRM & Zoho Consultant)

            Matt Cowlrick has been a full-time voice actor for over a decade. He records every day from his personal Source-Connect and ISDN studio, mostly in the genres of commercial, promo, corporate and animation/games.
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