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Nancy ADORES you.

Coaching you, casting you, getting chucked from fancy Covent Garden hotels with you.

You are diligent, polite, bawdy, and not one soul in your Realm has ever whinged about anything being “too tough.”

Simply put, we just “get” each other, and working for you is a joy.

Talent consistently report booking new jobs either via Nancy or on their own immediately following this private coaching and her special seminars in London.

Nancy’s Group Classes are great ways to share the expense of getting many hours of actionable information about performance, business, marketing, and how to book more VO work. They are certainly loads of fun.

Also, check out the downloadable MP3 and video learning modules at: Braintracks Audio Store or Buy Full Library Here

Private Coaching

For the rest of you who want more than a lecture, if you are 100% SERIOUS about seeing if VO is right for you and you WANT TO GET STARTED ALREADY with “on-microphone” training that is TAILORED to your abilities, skills, needs, and style, and if you want to turbo charge your drive towards a customized, branded demo, agency representation, castings, and money-making opportunities now, if you don’t live in L.A., Nancy coaches via PHONE sessions to folks calling in from any and every hamlet on the globe.

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If you are interested in trying to organize a Group Overview in your area or would like to be notified if/when a Group Overview is scheduled for your area, CONTACT US now with a request, indicating where you live and any other relevant info/requests.

Pete Gold

Head Agent of Excellent Talent in London, CEO Voice Lab Ltd.

He is the head agent at a big talent agency in London , Excellent Talent.
He is my partner in assembling these London events – he’s really the engine that makes them happen and , let’s face it, he’s an AGENT, so people attend cause he has huge industry leverage (he’s also the SWEETEST guy ever)

He’s been voicing since 1999 and have worked in all fields of the VO industry.
Probably most recognised as the voice of Five Live, and the character of Hoxton in Payday: The Heist.

UK Workshops

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What they say in the UK:

Thanks, Nancy. It was a pleasure learning from you. Your passion for teaching is joyous. As evidenced by the fact you carried on for an extra hour (despite having had less sleep than an insomniac on speed.) X
Pete Gold
Head Agent, Excellent Talent
After I did the workshop, I’ve had four bookings (Ritz Carlton, IBM, DHL, Diesel jeans) and your fingerprints were all over them.
Craig Van Ness
Voice Over Artist
Nancy Wolfson exudes enthusiasm, generosity, drive and commitment to getting the very best out of you in an energetic, fun way. Her experience shines through and she has a knack of making me feel so confident in my abilities, sharing her invaluable industry tips, peppered with hilarious anecdotes during our sessions. After an hour with Nancy, I feel like I've had new batteries put in, my cheeks are aching from giggling, and I'm motivated and boosted for weeks! I feel empowered, supported, know that Nancy has my back and I’m very excited to see what comes next.
Jo Whitfield
Voice Over Artist
Siobhan Dowd‎ to British Voiceovers:
Hi All. Been in this group a while but not posted. I had some coaching last year but feel like I could do with some more and would really like recommendations for London based voice coaches. I hear amazing things about Nancy Wolfson…in the US but would like a coach I can meet locally. Any recommendations gratefully received. X  — looking for recommendations.
Nancy Wolfson: 
I’ll be more than happy to welcome and meet and work with you next time I’m there – which is at least once a year. Deffo reach out to Agent Pete Gold to get on our alert list. Apart from and in addition to that, I tell the folks who live even/only a mile away from me to do phoners instead; most of the buyers you’ll work with these days will not be there with you in person, so it helps to learn how to work in a long distance dynamic if not entirely then at least in some part of training, esp with someone who has adjusted coursework and our student castings here to work well – BETTER, actually – in that kind of context. Been getting gangbuster results for my phoner folks for over 15 (phoner) of my 22 (in person & phoner) years of coaching. I get a bit weird not having left the house for days – I selfishly kind of want to see some folks in person so I don’t go completely mad in isolation, but really, for your most efficient learning (I can get you in more often, you can get lessons at last minute more often, you learn how to ask the best questions in a context the most similar to the job, it costs less), phoners get you to the panoply of goals better faster cheaper. Anyhoo – reach out to Agent Pete and he’ll ping you as we’re currently planning our next couple of London shindigs. If I can help in any other way, just let me know / ping me a DM during business hours on Monday.
Siobhan Dowd to Nancy Wolfson:
thanks so much for your reply. I’ll definitely try to catch you the next time you’re here and appreciate the advice re remote coaching – it makes sense that if I plan to remote record of course I should be comfortable remote learning!
Nancy Wolfson to Siobhan Dowd: 
You bet. My pleasure. Truly, my in person folks experience me decidedly looking the other way, deliberately standing on the other side of the door, purposefully removing myself from their view to the point where many, many, many have said, “I drove from Burbank in boiling heat and stupid traffic and missed ten mins ‘cause I couldn’t find parking and another five because I had to pee and now I get it – you’re training me to not need to see you anyway – let’s get to the phone, then.” That’s about when I say, “Don’t leave – I’m lonely.” lol xx
Perdita Nesbitt:
Nancy Wolfson is incredible!!!! Also adorable, it’s training that pays for itself. Most of us in the UK have training with her.
Adam Behr:
Please reconsider studying remotely. I studied commercial and narration with Nancy Wolfson by phone, it was not only “good”, it was a career-maker. When I went to LA to do a pre-demo lesson with Nancy in person, it confirmed that the phone and in-person classes were equally top drawer.
Siobhan Dowd to Adam Behr: 
thanks Adam, this does seem to be the consensus. So glad I asked
Adam Behr to Siobhan Dowd:
my pleasure, wishing you the very best with your coaching!

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Sara Starling

I thought you might like to know that the Dove spot on my reel hooked in a new client for a little corporate film for Palmolive. Hoorah! No auditions, no faff. Two takes read timed to video, all self-record. Isn’t it great when things just work?! Thanks Nancy.
Sara Starling
Voice Over Artist
Happy to share with you…booked straight off the Alzheimer’s demo on my reel. (the gift that keeps on giving!) x
Karl Jenkinson
Voice Over Artist