1. What makes your voice coaching business different?

Industry-Proven, geek-unique Pattern Recognition System for ad copy that books. you. work.

25+ years building successful careers in Hollywood and around the world.

Casting Access for Grads. Watertight Performance Tricks. Demos That Pay For Themselves.

No nonsense.

Building performances Producers can use.

Learning how to Think Into A Microphone.

Delighting the pants off of Casting People.

We have so damn much fun. 

I make something seemingly SUBjective… OBjective.

You’ll never hit the wrong word again.

Knowing you’re sending stuff out your pie hole that suits their patterns, it’s easier to relax and serve ’em your secret “brand” sauce.

And easier to get paid.

What’s different here, then? 

This system works. You work. I work for you.

Your dreams have never been my side hustle.

I’m the only coach whose full-time career focus has always been about advancing yours.

My students make money. Simple. That’s what I care about.

This session takes place at a professional recording studio, and it takes about two hours to record the bits from your seven to ten spots. Ideally, when we are done editing, the entire demo runs about a minute and fifteen seconds in length. After my engineer and I finish the post-production on your demo, you will receive a hard copy of it on cd in the mail. You then book a post-demo private session, wherein I help you with ideas for artwork for your cover, provide a list of agents to whom you ought to submit your cd, and advise you on what to say in your submission packages.

2. What qualities should an aspiring voice actor already possess?

Charm. Willingness to play, love of learning. 

Hunger to explore the fun nuances of language, emotion, business.

All OCD welcome. I can galvanize that.

3. Is it important that your students have any previous experience — such as acting or singing — before booking you as a voice coach?

Nope 🙂

4. What critical vocal skills should your students develop first?

Zero Zilch Nada Zip None.

5. Are there any specific types of voice over projects you think an aspiring voice actor should start with?

Ones that pay properly. I’ll help.

6. How do you help students with their marketing and the business side of being a voice actor?

I provide access to paid work for qualifying students on various platforms – nothing beats that.

Beyond that, I advise on critical matters of self-awareness, engineer the branding, serve your design as Creative Director, and my team builds your bespoke CRM.

7. How important are audio engineering skills to success in the industry?

Completely depends upon genre – Audio Drama? Massive.

Commercial? Kindergarten skills – a good Kindergarten for smart kids, but… Kindergarten.

Entry level skills are critical in all genres and all markets. 

Pro level editing skills can be overkill, genre depending.

8. Do you provide specific advice about rates or unions to your students?

Yes. Agenting for decades, Casting daily, I know rates and know how to teach YOU how to know rates.