The Best News: I have some major new casting opportunities that have opened up in the last several months that are allowing me to put real auditions in front of people who have gone thru the full course of study with me into demo.

I have created relationships with agents all over the country who now use me and my well-trained students as a CASTING HUB.

Agents and Casting Directors from major and local markets email me REAL AUDITIONS DAILY. I then forward these opportunities to those students of mine who I feel are well-trained enough to represent Braintracks.

• Recently I cast 26 characters for a new animated series on CARTOON NETWORK, and most of the roles went to my students.

• I recently booked one of my students who isn’t even finished with her Braintracks coursework yet (we haven’t even produced her demo yet!) on a VO job I had her audition for me – the $5,000 payment we got her for that is more than covering the cost of all of what she’ll have spent on me for classes, demo, and home equipment!

• A few months ago, one of my students who had not yet had time to look for an agent yet (!) booked a project I sent his way that paid him $20,000.

Here’s a great story: BOBSOUER.COM


We offer “audition specific” consults – $40 to purchase 10 minutes of my professional advisory/director time PER SCRIPT to thoughtfully listen to the MP3 audition track you’ve created – you email the audition to me, and I’ll invest 10 mins in listening and typing you back direction notes via email (not phone).

You may email multiple takes on one script, but if you want advice and direction on a second script, then it requires a second $40 for 10 minute purchase.

My notes are returned to you with plenty of time for you to refashion your performance by audition’s deadline, and if you want another set of notes on that same script (if you create a revised MP3 that you want reviewed), simply purchase another 10 minutes for another $40. (consideration is engaged only after the $40 hits the Braintracks PayPal account.)

Before sending over a PayPal payment, please email me first to ask if I am available to task this service for you before close of business day today.

Click to pay by PayPal.


You’re an energetic fireball who knows her stuff!
I really enjoyed the voice over class we just finished here in Nashville. It made me go back and look at my regular voice and learn about using it correctly. 

-Chad Randau (Wililam Morris Agency)

I just wanted to drop you a note and say “thank you” for all the auditions you have passed my way lately…I mean truly girl – whatever experience and work I can get…I’m going for it!

-Jessica Bogart (William Morris Agency)

Again, thanks for the animation advice, girl! I booked it! 
It’s called Z-Squad and I play an evil sorceress, how much fun is that! I took your note (“It’s just acting”) with me and stayed as relaxed as I could. Thanks again, girlfriend!
-Juliet Wendell-Brown (VOX)

That was the best $40 I ever spent, and I have spent some $ in my life. How you got so much out of 10 minutes is amazing.
-Kelly Spencer

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