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If you have some experience and/or some demo tracks, you can also book a session for us to review your work. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
You cannot afford to present yourself with anything less than what would pass Top Market Inspection.Every person trying to procure work in this arena must get an objective (sometimes harsh, sometimes reassuring, ALWAYS informative) professional review of how your inventory (your demo, your web site, your branding, your Voice Casting Profile Pages) strikes the discriminating eyes and ears of top market people who are in a position to hire you…or not hire you.

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Just to let you know.
Your notes are priceless.
After reading Allberger, Berkley, Shurtleff, Saulsbury, Hogan, and scouring countless blogs, your curriculum is exactly the information I need to know.
Those books just didn’t bring it home for me.
They all talk about what to do in reading, but not exactly how to do it.
I’ve always wondered how to interpret script, what to keep in mind.
Even Shurtleff’s ‘pillars’ fall short of what you’ve done. Well, here it is! Finally!
-Noel G.

A note to thank you for working with me last week.
I learned more from you in the last 30 minutes of that [demo audit consult] phone call
than I have with all the other classes I’ve take with S****.”
-Scott D.

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