Stretch/Grab/Assert & Fresh Sense of Arrival

We’re addressing two chapters from Nancy’s core curriculum as well as “behind the scenes” Agent Dos and Don’ts from the dish agents have shared with us recently. You want to know what they’re saying…

A few of the topics covered: The Fresh Sense of Arrival. This concept helps you bring greater realism to your roles with critical tempo tricks.

What to do with similies, metaphors, ellipses…and what NOT to do.

How agents use VoiceBank and why this knowledge gives you an edge on the competition.

The pros and cons of having multiple regional agents – what you want to look for and what to avoid.

The three turn-offs that will make your agent never want to send you another piece of copy again.

Plus a killer QandA that addresses union status, how to avoid “Desperate Actor Syndrome,” how to submit yourself to an agent via email, pursuing corporate narration work, expressing appreciation vs. hard marketing, and much more…


Stretch/Grab/Assert & Fresh Sense of Arrival • mp3 (1hr 33min)