Here are just a few of the topics:

FEEDER/SNAPPER. Part 2 of a Radio Autopsy!

Recognize the writer’s comedic bookending…set the trap and snap it shut!

If you fail to hit a critical foreshadowing beat in storytelling, producers think you don’t know where your story is headed = they hit “delete” by your second sentence.

If you dazzle them all the way down the :60 script but fail to “wink” the comedic callback, you don’t get your own joke (or the job!) Learn what extra bumps you’ve gotta give your “rant” to honor the writing and WIN.

Behind The Agent Curtain– Negotiation protocol – what’s the difference between your online self-negotiation tacks vs your negotiation decorum with your agent.

When NOT to audition — casting advice from the trenches – how to avoid scheduling nightmares that BACKFIRE ON TALENT.

Actor to Actor–Brand Slumming and the Benefits of Delayed Gratification

Lying to get a foot in the door — when & why there’s danger in fudging the truth.

Database management — where & how to track your clients, projects, and auditions to market yourself easily to book more jobs.

What to put in the proposal boxes on the voice over website submission services.


Feeder/Snapper • mp3 (1hr 30min)