• Congratulate to Connect

• Follow Influencer Gurus; Never Beg Follow-Backs

• Share Stuff Beyond Your Business

• Hire SM Savvy Voice Over Coach with Buyer Relationships

• Shagging Agent’s Assistant Is Not a “Marketing Strategy”

• Know This Industry, Study Our “Trades”

• Voice a Positive Disruption

• Avoid Painfully Inauthentic Pre-Scheduled Tweeting;
“Hear My Toe Spray Spot!” can’t pop amid “Breaking News: Bowie Dead”

• Work Deeper than RTs

• Impact Ratio: 90 InfoMuse:10 Sell

• Enough Emojis Already

• Advertise Only Once Excellent

• #HumbleBraggingReeks

• Learn Who Welcomes Contact Where

• Check Spelling/Grammar. Twice

• Engage During Major Media Buy Broadcasts

• Invest in Proven Top Market Advice

• Comedy is a Risk

• Bake Actionables Into Every Day

• Play with Purpose in Your Brand Plan


Atlanta FREE 20 min. BONUS TRACK with purchase This Private Bootleg Recording, from an In Person student session, includes bonus VO social media marketing tips and tricks. MP3 (1hr 25min)

(1hr, 25min)


I always liked Twitter, I just used it sparingly. I never really cared to follow celebrities or follow gossip.  Thanks to your social media course I’ve purged my list and added interesting VO people and agencies.  I can’t get anything done now because I’m constantly watching my Twitter feed.  So, thanks for that.  😊

    In other news, I officially booked the Foster Farms Imposter Chicken gig!  Recording this Friday.  They’re not for air, just animatics, so the whole gig winds up paying about $2k.  Still, it’s the best paying gig I’ve booked so far.  Agency is SF based Erich and Kallman.

  I started making small, but steady VO money mid-last year.  It has grown a little bit every month.  Between Foster Farms and another corporate gig I booked, January is already my best month ever and it’s just the first week!  Happy New Year indeed.
Skip Kelly
Voice Over Artist
You are truly a Genius! I mean, I thought so already, but The Monetizing SM course has officially rocked my world! As in Duh, Major Light bulbs!!! You gave me more in those 2 mp3s then the marketing firm I hired last fall! I'm so excited to fully put the tools into play. Thanks so much more than you know, Nancy!
Sissy S
Voice Over Artist
Just wanted to say how much I loved the Social Media mp3. I've never enjoyed being wrong so much in my life (I had almost totally stopped social media). You're an excellent public speaker!
Andrew J.
Voice Over Artist