with Special Guest, Hillary Huber!


With us, our special guest and audiobook veteran Hillary Huber gives thorough, no-BS insider answers to all of your audiobook questions.

From business to craft to all the details in between, Hillary spills the beans on everything audiobook.

Just a few of the great questions answered: Do you read the whole book? Do different people read different parts and characters? How do you get into audiobooks? It seems so mysterious…do I need to know book publishers and authors?

Do I need a specific audiobook demo? Are there audiobook agents?

How could I even keep track of recording a whole book by myself in my home studio?

And what about Erotica? Should I go for it? How much should I charge?

I’ve been listening to a ton of audiobooks, and I KNOW I’m ready to break in, so tell me the action steps I can take NOW to get the audiobook gigs coming my way!

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This video set contains 2 separate download files (4 videos total), each of which is over 300mb. Each one could take 15-30 minutes or more to download.

(40 mins.)

More About Special Guest Hillary Huber:

Hillary Huber has been working steadily as a voice over talent for 15 years. She has done hundreds of commercials for clients such as Toyota, McDonalds, Tylenol, Coffeemate, Boeing, Subaru, Ford, Taco Bell, Walmart and countless others; promos for WE, CBS and the E! Network; and live announcing for The People’s Choice Awards, The Family Television Awards, and The Emmys. She discovered audiobooks in 2006, when her research, perseverance, and creative thinking resulted in a flourishing and profitable career in audiobooks. She now records books on a regular basis for major publishers such as Harper, Macmillan, Random House and Scribner. Some titles include Skinny Bastard and Light in the Piazze. Her next project is Tell-All by best selling author Chuck Palahniuk. Her narration consistently garners both critical acclaim and industry awards, including several Audie Award nominations.