CARTOON Q&A customized for you.


With us, special guest and current cartoon series regular Richard Horvitz gives detailed, no-BS, insider answers to as many of your questions as we could tackle. [we promise a Part II…]

Exactly and only the Animation Voice Over info that YOU WANT TO KNOW. Beware: some unpopular realities (better ya know now). Behold: lots of encouraging truths!

Some of the great questions answered:

I do a lot of funny voices, shouldn’t I be doing animation??

Are there really only 10 people who do every animation job out there? I’m really good, so how can I break in??

Do I still need an agent? An animation demo? Improv. and acting classes? An interesting voice???

How do I get cast in the next Pixar film when celebrities take all the roles?

Seriously, how much money is there in animation?

This animation thing seems like a tough nut to crack, so tell me the action steps I can take NOW to get my animation career going!


Cartoon Q&A • mp3

 (1hr 20min)


I wanted to let you know I had the BEST time working on Monster Island today, via YOU via Stars. Huge thank you to you for the opportunity! It really was awesome, I can not wait to do more. Such fun and the people were great to work with. Have a wonderful weekend!
Lady F.
Voice Over Artist