CARTOON Q&A customized for you.


With us, special guest and current cartoon series regular Richard Horvitz gives detailed, no-BS, insider answers to as many of your questions as we could tackle. [we promise a Part II…]

Exactly and only the Animation Voice Over info that YOU WANT TO KNOW. Beware: some unpopular realities (better ya know now). Behold: lots of encouraging truths!

Some of the great questions answered:

I do a lot of funny voices, shouldn’t I be doing animation??

Are there really only 10 people who do every animation job out there? I’m really good, so how can I break in??

Do I still need an agent? An animation demo? Improv. and acting classes? An interesting voice???

How do I get cast in the next Pixar film when celebrities take all the roles?

Seriously, how much money is there in animation?

This animation thing seems like a tough nut to crack, so tell me the action steps I can take NOW to get my animation career going!


Cartoon Q&A • mp3

 (1hr 20min)


Hey 🙂 The TV show I was cast in a million years ago is finally on air. No pressure at all to watch (it's a show for little kids), but it was very cool to see my name in the credits!

I'm Burpee the frog (among others), and despite the fact Burpee doesn't use actual words, I've used some of the things you've taught me in the performance.

I hope things are going OK, talk to you soon 🙂
Andrew Jack
Voice Over Artist
I wanted to let you know I had the BEST time working on Monster Island today, via YOU via Stars. Huge thank you to you for the opportunity! It really was awesome, I can not wait to do more. Such fun and the people were great to work with. Have a wonderful weekend!
Lady F.
Voice Over Artist